Supreme Court Allows Temple Shop Leases to Non-Hindus

The Supreme Court of India in its wokeness has recently pronounced another highly questionable judgement ruling that non-Hindus should be allowed to participate in the process of auctioning of leases of shops in Brahmamba Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple, Andhra Pradesh. The Supreme Court bench of Justices DY Chandrachud and AS Bopanna overturned the Andhra Pradesh High Court judgement which had upheld a Government Order by Endowment Commissioner permitting only Hindus to obtain lease and licence to shops and malls belonging to Hindu religious institutions. This judgement again seems to be driven more by the pet notion of Justice DY Chandrachud to support ‘anti-majoritarianism’ the right to freedom of religion. It is surprising that the petitioner, Sayyad Jani Basha, being a Muslim whose tenets regard idol worship as Devil, should be interested in putting up his shop at the Temple. In fact, in many Temples in the South, the shops selling flowers and Puja items are dominated by Muslims making Hindus go out of business. While the Supreme Court wants Hindu Temples to allow Muslims to put up their shops in Temples, it is interesting to note that the Supreme Court is sitting on a plea to allow Muslim women to offer their Namaz in mosques for more than two years. The alacrity and activism shown to treat  Temples as secular spaces to enforce secular fundamental rights, simply vanishes when it comes to mosques and churches. Show me the man I will show you the law seems to be the motto.