The Sengol or Raja Danda that was handed over to India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharalal Nehru to represent transfer of power from British and will be displayed in the new Parliamentary complex to be inaugurated on 28 may. What is its significance and its origin? Sengol is referred as RajaContinue Reading

Unadulterated venom against Brahmins is not a new phenomenon. The trend began from the time of Islamic invasions and became very acute after the Christian imperialistic invasion during British rule. Brahmins are the main target as they are the custodians of age old Dharmic traditions and ancient knowledge systems whichContinue Reading

Shri Ramesh Shinde, the National Spokesperson of Hindu Janjagruti Samithi has penned an excellent book on Halal Jihad analysing its impact on Indian economy directly attempting to control the nation financially. Halalonomics is nothing short of economic terrorism as it would cripple the entire financial system of the country withContinue Reading

India’s Defence Attache to Saudi Arabia, Col GS Grewal, assured countrymen being evacuated from strife-torn Sudan through Saudi Arabia that they will be safely taken back to their homeland.  In a viral video, Col Grewal is seen urging people to cooperate with the agencies involved in the evacuation process. Further,Continue Reading

Kenyan police have now exhumed the bodies of 47 people thought to be followers of a Christian cult who believed they would go to heaven if they starved themselves to death. Police near the coastal town of Malindi started exhuming bodies on Friday from the Shakahola forest. “In total, 47Continue Reading