As part of a secret plot of the Myanmar authorities, guerilla trained members of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) are entering Bharat and joining local jihadist outfits in Jammu & Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and northeastern provinces with the notorious agenda of spreading jihadist terror. According to a credibleContinue Reading

Why Yangtse? By: Lt Gen Shantanu, Dayal (Retd)  It had to be Yangtse, the Yangtse, which was blessed by Guru Rimpoche, also known as Padmasambhava, the professor of Nalanda University in the 8th century, who introduced Tantric Buddhism to Tibet. The Yangtse, which has the famous Chumi Gyatse waterfalls, alsoContinue Reading

There is a continuing genocide of Hindus in Bangladesh for over 70 years now. Every year during Durga Puja the persecution peaks, last year the spate of killings, arson and destruction of Hindu Temples and homes in Bangladesh was so much rampant across Bangladesh, that it evoked uproar worldwide. ThisContinue Reading

By Raj Vedam The Bhagavadgita describes the 6 month southern course of the sun, Dakshinayana, as the path of the Pitrus. This period begins June 21st, and ends Dec 21st, with a midpoint-equinox at Sept 22nd. Hindus traditionally observe Pitru-Paksha soon after the Sept 22nd equinox, when the Sun is in “deep PitruContinue Reading