Sex Jihad Takes Another Life – Sahil stabs 20 times & brutally kills Sakshi in Delhi

In a horrific murder case from Delhi Shahbad Dairy area, a 16-year-old girl named Sakshi was brutally killed by her ‘friend’ Sahil. In the murder, which has been caught on CCTV camera, Sakshi was stabbed over 20 times and then her head was crushed using a boulder by Sahil.

News has now emerged that Sahil, the man who brutally stabbed and murdered Sakshi has been arrested by the police.

The victim was on her way to attend a birthday party of her friend’s son when Sahil stopped her and started attacking her with a knife. In the brutal attack, Sahil kept stabbing the victim repeatedly and later picked up a concrete block to crush her head.

Sakshi and Sahil were reportedly in a relationship and had an ugly fight a day before the murder. Delhi Police have registered an FIR in the case following a complaint by the victim’s father.

Earlier, Deputy Commissioner of Police Suman Nalwa said that the murder case was reported yesterday and a team has been formed to investigate the case.

This is the second incident of a teen getting stabbed to death in Delhi in recent days with an 18-year-old boy being stabbed to death by a group of boys earlier this month. 

The India Today reported that, the 16-year-old was stabbed 21 times so ferociously was that the murder knife got stuck in her head at one point. A few moments later, the killer picked up a boulder lying nearby and started battering her. He hit her with the boulder five times even as people passed by, with nobody trying to intervene or stop the attack.

These horrifying scenes were captured by a CCTV camera in a lane located in the Shahbad Dairy area of Delhi’s Rohini. The accused, identified as Sahil, was reportedly arrested from Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh hours after committing the gruesome crime. Sahil, 20, is a fridge-AC repairing mechanic.

Image: Deceased Sakshi’s mother (L), accused Sahil (M), Sakshi’s father (R) – image sourced from Opindia.

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