Wakf Board Claims Two Entire Villages with Temples, Temple Lands & Thousands of Acres Property Across Tamil Nadu.

When Mr Rajagopal from Thiruchendurai village near Trichy approached the Registration office to sell his 2 acre land for an emergency, he was shocked to know when they told him he cannot sell his land as the entire village is a Wakf board property.

The Registrar further went on to say that he has to get a NOC from the Waqf Board in Chennai for selling the land. The Registrar also showed him a 250 page letter from the Wakf Board enumerating in detail properties claimed to be owned by it and those who come for registering deed of land listed as Wakf property therein need to get a No Objection Certificate from the Wakf Board office in Chennai.

The entire Thiruchendhurai village, where Hindus are in majority, itself is shown as owned by the Waqf Board! Srichandrasekhara Swamy Thirukovil, the Devar’s deposit, and its properties, including 236 acres of Ayannanjai, are Wakf Board properties. The letter is a shocking revelation of how the Waqf Board has claimed thousands of acres in Tamilnadu as Waqf property.

List of properties claimed by Wakf Board shows entire village of Thiruchendurai as Wakf Property
Source: Dinamalar

Srirangam Sriranganatha Swamy Temple Panguni Festival Jeeyarpuram Asthana Mandapam rising across the Srinamperumal Kaveri and the sacred streets are shown as  Waqf Board properties. Thiruverumbur Thrithala hill Temple Prakarams are the properties of the Wakf Board.

The entire village is now agitated and have given a petition to the Collector as they have all the documents of their properties with them. Now how did this ridiculous change of ownership happen? 

Few years ago, in response to a litigation in the court about illegal occupation of water bodies, Temple properties and so-called Wakf board properties, in 2016 the court ordered the government to identify such properties. The  Waqf Board started identifying their properties across Tamilnadu and claimed thousands of acres of properties across Tamil Nadu as Waqf properties. Among them were many villages and the Temple lands. Apart from the villages Thiruchendurai and Kadiyakurichi there are many other such lands including the famous Triplicane Parthasarathi Temple lands claimed by the Waqf board in Chennai.

Conspiracies continue to play out to usurp the very roots of our ancient culture, lands and holy Temples. It is time to break the deep slumber of the Hindus to awaken them about losing their homes and hearths and holy Temples to Land Jihad at the altar of secularism by using legislative tools like, the highly controversial Wakf Act of 1995. 

Featured Image Source: Tamilnadu Tourism: Chandrasekhara Swamy Temple, Tiruchendurai, Trichy (tamilnadu-favtourism.blogspot.com)

News input: Dinamalar .

Note: Image of letter of Wakf Board to Registrar Office listing out properties claimed by it across Tamil Nadu is not sourced from Dinamalar report.


  1. Entire Saudi Arabia and Medina are Hindu properties. Dig them and see what you find below. Hindus must be given full mutation rights over those places.

  2. All Hindus in country should stand with these people.

  3. What is the basis of the claim?

  4. Enough is enough. How long Hindus will pay for the ill deeds of congress & communists? Are Hindus not human or living beings? How could we be treated like third grade citizens in our own land? Do govt. need Hindus to take law in their own hands? Height of injustice & oppression!

  5. Who are they to claim Indian Hindu Temple properties? How this hashappened and when? Most probably After Ex-Chief Minister Ms.J.Jayalalitha’s regime. These Vote mongers have done something on this. Anybody file a writ petition in the court of law against HR&CE board let the government answer in public.

  6. It is very tragedy. Hindu’s should wake up from the deep sleep. There is a hidden agenda of Islamicaization

  7. It is very tragedy. Hindu’s should wake up from the deep sleep. There is a hidden agenda of Islamicaization.

  8. This nothing but gundagardi. How this CA be secular act, for creating healthy peaceful progressive act. This is nothing but gajba e hind. What government and political parties are doing. We condemn such government and political parties who supports such draconian act. Down with such laws and act.

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