Rana Ayyub Suffers Meltdown over Zoobear’s Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize

With news pouring in that our desi Jihadi fact manufacturer Mohammad Zubair and his partner in fib production, Pratik Sinha of Alternate Universe, sorry Alt News have been purportedly nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, Rana Ayyub collapsed. She couldn’t believe that someone else had stolen her thunder.

Well…she needn’t worry, surely Hafiz Sayeed can put in a word of recommendation and nominate Rana Ayyub for the Nobel Peace Prize. Going by the trend Osama bin Laden can be a better choice if posthumous awards were allowed or they can make do with Dawood Ibrahim as a substitute.

Nobel Peace Prizes are more political and Abrahamic supremacy friendly than really worthy. When ISI props like Malala Yousafzai, jihadi terrorist heads like Yasir Arafat have been bestowed this prize, then why not Mohmmad Zubair and Pratik Sinha? 

 Mohmmad Zubair a Jihadi, who set a blood thirsty Sar Tan Se Juda Islamist Jihadi mob on Nupur Sharma, threatening to gang-rape Nupur, her mother and all females in her family, behead her, hang her publicly and set the whole nation on jihadi mob fire has been touted to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and world peace!

No guesses for people behind his professed nomination – even though the Nobel Prize committee keeps the nominees a secret for over 50 years after the Prize is given. The secrecy around the nominators and nominees is astounding, unless the Committee is part of political conspiracies to bring down democratically elected governments through such ‘global’ Awards. Other reported nominees for Nobel Peace Prize include Pope Francis (whose pious duty is soul harvesting of non-Christians), Ukrainian President Zelensky (an aggressive stooge of NATO), Greta Thunberg (an eco-terrorist with anger issues and personality disorder) etc. So, Zubair seems to be in good company as his desi jihad news factory goes global with this ‘nomination’.

One more desi ex-babu and kitchen cabinet member of Sonia Gandhi’s infamous National Advisory Council (NAC) Harsh Mander, has also been reported to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Harsh Mander was in news last year for misusing the children lodged in the Child Care organizations run by him in Delhi, for the anti-CAA protests. The minor children were reportedly tutored to abuse PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah during the infamous Shaheen Bagh “protests”. He has also been booked by Delhi Police for allegations of sexual abuse in children’s homes run by his NGO. Complaints of gross irregularities was received by National Commission of Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) headed by Priyank Kanoogo in September 2020 against two Delhi based Children’s home, Umeed Aman Homes for Boys and Khushi Rainbow Homes for Girls. While looking into the matter, the NCPCR head found that way back in 2012-2013 very serious complaints of sexual abuse were raised against the two shelter homes for children run under NGO named Centre for Equity Studies co-founded by Harsh Mander. The report also mentioned the children’s home received funds from Canadian embassy and Islamic Relief Worldwide. Islamic Relief is reported to fund Islamist organizations like Muslim Brotherhood and is also banned in Israel from 2014 for being the central funder of Hamas, an Islamist terrorist organization.

Coming back to Zubair, he is as peaceful as Osama bin Laden who finds peace in the massacre of Kafirs. Peddlers of lies to promote jihad are called fact checkers and dog whistling jihadis to unleash terror on hapless non-Muslim women is symbol of peace? Perhaps in Islamist dictionary of bringing the world to Islam, it could be a peace mission.

TimesNow seems to be very pleased with the rumored ‘nomination’ and calls the duo “fact checkers”. Ironically, more often than not, TimesNow’s Navika Kumar and Rahul Shiv Shankar have been the target of Zubair’s so-called fact checking. It was again Zubair who set the jihadis and leftist media in frenzy against Navika Kumar and Times Now for hosting a debate in which Nupur Sharma made a statement about Mohammad’s marriage to child Aisa at the age of 56 quoting the relevant Sahih Bukhari Hadiths in response to a jihadi PFI promoter, Tasleem Rahmani casting aspersions on Shiva Lingam. So, TimesNow should shut its shop if it feels that Zubair and Pratik Sinha of alternate jihad universe are “fact checker journalists”. 

Zubair was also booked by UP Police for spreading fake news and communal tension in June last year when he put up a video of an old Muslim man named Abdul Samad Zafi being thrashed by a group of young men in Ghaziabad claiming that the old man beaten up and his beard was cut by Hindu boys because he refused to chant Jai Sri Ram. Whereas the real fact was Abdul Samad Zafi was an occult practitioner and he had taken huge sums of money from many customers – Muslims and Hindus promising miracles with his occult skill giving out Taweez etc. 

UP Police found that the people thrashing him were his customers and a majority of them were Muslims and there was no question of the old man being forced to chant Jai Shri Ram. The whole drama of spinning the tale to fraudulently bring in chanting Jai Shri Ram as cause of beating was staged by a Samajwadi party leader, which Abdul confessed to the UP Police during investigation.

There have been several such occasions when jihadi pamphlet “AltNews” has spread fake news and Hindu hatred. In fact, AltNews is a jihad news factory as neutral as Akhbarats from Aurangzeb’s court and Mohammad Zubair is as peaceful as Osama.

Friends in pro-Hindu segment suggest that Hindus should nominate Nupur Sharma for the Nobel Peace Prize, which is quite ridiculous and should be vehemently rejected.

Why should Hindus crave for certificates of peace and “secularism” from an Abrahamist front whose ideal is to promote the Abrahamic worldview of peace and development by awarding prominent people who are instrumental in doing the same in non-Abrahamic nations? Not long ago, Saudi Arabia was appointed as a UN Human Rights panel head.

Why bother if Zoobear or a Harsh Mander is nominated for the Nobel? If Timur Lung was alive today, they might see him as a symbol of peace and nominate him for reducing the world population by 5 percent! Let us not forget the Nobel Prize itself was instituted by Alfred Nobel, a chemist and inventor of dynamite. This is not to demean scientists or inventors but to highlight the politics and hypocrisy of global awards specially in the field of Peace, Human Rights and Literature.

Anyway, bad luck for sulking Rana Ayyub all her histrionics in New York Times and claiming witch hunt for being caught syphoning off charity money has come to a naught. She still did not get the Nobel Prize nominations for her fictitious Gujarat Files!

Deep sympathies for her, perhaps Hindus can come up with Jihad Awards as a consolation prize to not disappoint her.

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