Dharma Sansad Vani

Videos emerged in social media showing religious leaders in the Dharam Sansad like Yati Narsinghanand, Swami Prabodhanand Giri etc urging Hindus to wake up to the realities of defending themselves in the context of brutal murderous attacks by jihadis be it in Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal, Kerala or several pockets of mini-Pakistans in India.This provided an opportunity for the outrage industry to paint Hindus and Hindutva red as is their wont .It also saw the mask of prominent Hindu media voice like R Jagannathan fall off by his ridiculuous demand for a “Prayaschitta” from the Hindu Sadhus and calling it a“Hindutva’s Godse moment”. Jagannathan was peeved with the fact that the Sadhus did not limit themselves to advocating self-defence but also to “kill”. Jagannathan seems to be unaware of the fact that Sections 100 & 103 of theIndian Penal Code itself gives the right of Private Defence of body or property extending to causing death of the aggressor. So, the Dharam Sansad actually did not advocate anything contrary to the law of the land as self-defence comes into play when the State fails in its duty to protect its citizens as has been the case historically in any area of India with higher Muslim population.

Jagannathan’s claim of the Sadhus putting Hindu interests in jeopardy due to their unambiguous and bold statements seems to be afflicted with the ghost of Godse tormenting pseudo-Hindus like him going on the defensive to prove Hindus as peace loving pacifists. Kalicharan Maharaj’s criticism of MK Gandhi and praise for Godse seems to have got the goat of these pseudo-rightwing intellectuals. Funnily, Kalicharan has been charged with sedition for debunking MK Gandhi’s dubious Ahimsa and rightly holding Gandhi responsible for the deaths of millions of Hindus in partition and avidly promoting the murderous Khilafat movement in India which saw mass scale brutal murders and rapes of Hindus by jihadis. The BJP government under pressure to appease this nefarious secular gang has appointed a SIT to probe the ‘hate speech’ at Dharma Sansad.

So, criticising Gandhi has become a blasphemy for a section of freedom of expression champions which likes to abuse Prabhu Ram, Sri Krishna and Devi Durga. People like Jagananthan would do well to keep away from giving gratuitous advice to the Sadhus when they could do precious little to save Hindus being brutally killed and raped in West Bengal for exercising their democratic right to vote with the active connivance of State government and Centre being a mute spectator. Private defence is a divine and legal right of every individual when the state fails in its duty to protect them. It is quite easy for people to make lofty statements and write articles sitting in secure air-conditioned rooms, but when faced with terror without state protection one has two options – either arm yourself to defend or perish. This editor would like to see what would Jagannathan do when faced with such a predicament. Even Sri Krishna in his Geeta Upadesha urged Arjuna to take up arms and perform his duty to fight Adharma, which included killing his own great-great grandfather Bhishma for being on the side of Adharma.