: Why banning Popular Front of India (PFI) is the need of the hour : PFI and its role in Islamic Extremism

Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini in association with DEMOS & Team SAJAG organised an online digital interaction at Twitter Spaces yesterday March 2nd 2022, Tuesday on

Topic : Why banning Popular Front of India (PFI) is the need of the hour : PFI and its role in Islamic Extremism
Prominent Expert Panelist

1) Shri Raghuvar Das : National Vice-President BJP and former CM Jharkand
2)Ravindra Sathe : Director-General Rambhau Mhlagi Prabhodhini

3)Anirban Ganguly – Director.Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation and Member, BJP NEC
4)Binay Kumar Singh : Author and TV Panellist
5)CA Sumeet Mehta

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Vikas Pandey : Anchor & Social Media Expert
Digvijay Misra : Project SAJAG

Introduction to Popular Front of India

After the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992, led to the formation of National Development Front and from this emerged its successor a radical extremist Muslim Jihadi outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) in 2006. The organization initially operated in southern India, has spread its tentacles across the country. According to claims made by the chief of PFI the organization has around cadre base of around four hundred thousand spread in 23 states across the country. The group has coordinated with various human rights groups like Citizen Forum in Goa, Community Social and Education Society Rajasthan, Nagrik Suraksha Sudhakar Samiti West Bengal. The stated objective of the group is to establish
an egalitarian society in which freedom, justice and security are enjoyed by all. But in reality, the extremist group is the breeding ground of terrorism in the nation and pose serious threat to national security.


Popular Front of India links with SIMI & its involvement in terrorist activities

The activities of Popular Front of India (PFI) match the antecedents of Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), an Islamic fundamental organization. Following the footsteps of Sikh for Justice the group intimidates journalist, law enforcing agencies and organize token protest to stay in news. In recent years the group has made its protest felt by indulging in the Farmers protest, CAA protest, Saharanpur riots, Hathraas rape case, Rohit Vemulla case, planning Bengaluru riots etc. The extremist outfit has established ties with international terror organization ISIS. According to United Nations report around 66 persons of Indian origin from the state of Kerala and having close association with PFI have joined ISIS. The extremist group has successfully camouflage themselves as organization doing charity work for downtrodden. The network of the group is widespread and they aim to create fault lines in the society by creating rift and divide among the upper and lower caste.

PFI Activities in Jharkhand

The group has been known to work with Opposition parties and is responsible for creating situation that led to defeat of ruling BJP in Jharkhand Assembly Elections. A Common Minimum Program among the quartet of Missionaries, Communist, Radical Islamic Sympathizers and the group of Human rights organization, cultural activist, Dalits, Legal professionals, Journalist is in place with pre designed well planned toolkit to mobilize crowds, fund campaigns and carry out propaganda. The Jharkhand state department gave preference to Urdu over Hindi from the list of mandatory languages in the new employment policy and also allotted Namaz Room in the state assembly. In light of the above departments the Income Tax Department revoked the the charitable status of the institution, under Section 12A of the Income Tax Department to curb money laundering and terrorist activities.

Popular Front of India and Hijab Controvery

The fringe groups of PFI, National Women’s Front and the Campus Front of India were recently involved in raising the Hijab controversy to project themselves as victims of majority oppression at international stage. Funded by Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and major Gulf nations the group has desecrated the statues to create disharmony among the native tribals in Jharkhand. In 2017, rally was organized in Bihar in support of Zakir Naik raising the slogans of Pakistan Zindabad.

Popular Front of India and Terror activities in West Bengal

There was unanimous consensus among the panel about future prospect of the creation of Muslim country speaking Bengali predominantly in Eastern part of India. The ongoing demographic changes in the border due to infiltration by the Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims has made the community strong enough to influence the electoral results in around 80 legislative constituency in West Bengal. The radicalization has posed greater threat to the sovereignty and integrity of India. Among the larger objectives is to create Islamic Centre of Greater Bangladesh involving the states of West Bengal, Bihar & Jharkhand. The state government of West Bengal has refused to ban PFI. In March 2013 the radical extremist group organized rally in the state opposing the punishment to war criminals. Recently Trinamool Congress MLA Monirul Islam shared the dais with PFI leaders. Inflammatory speeches were made calling for ban on RSS and BJP. PFI has gained international traction by aligning itself with the Jamat in Bangladesh. The ruling establishment of West Bengal TMC is now captive to radicalized Islamist Political elements, that have made ruling party dependent. This has led to massive smuggling of arms; narcotics is taking place across the porous border.

Popular Front of India (PFI) and doctrine of Separation and Radicalization

The doctrine of radicalisation and separation has been clinically carried out by PFI by invoking Article 25 and then propagating distinct identity in the minds of youth through a process of indoctrination. The doctrine of separation is clinically employed to radicalize the youth to become foot soldiers of ISIS. The unfinished task of 1947 East Pakistan agenda of merging Assam into their own nation by resettling Muslims of Bihar in the state was dashed by Congress leader Gopinath Bordale. Since 1978 Pakistan Inter Service Intelligence and its Bangladeshi equivalent Directorate General of Forces Intelligence have been working systematically with SIMI, LET and Jihadi Tazneem for resettlement of infiltrators. Further the activities were to provide safe haven to these terrorists and training them to carry out blast across India.

The panellist came to consensus of Popular Front of India have ties with ISI & DGFI to carry out unfinish task of Jinnah and emphasized broader campaign, digital interactions to spread awareness regarding the activities of the radicalized Jihadi Islamist group.

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