Hindus Strategic Hostages in J&K; U.T needs a Clean Sweep: Ankur Sharma

Terming State of India’s suicidal policy paradigm in J&K as consolidating long term Jihadi/Pakistani goals, President IkkJutt Jammu Ankur Sharma said on 16.05,2022, that the Government of India (GoI) has handed over Hindus as “Strategic Hostages” to a flourishing Islamic Order/Jihadi Ecosystem in continuation of its long standing suicidal policy of providing a cosmetic secular cover to the ongoing violent Jihad in Kashmir.

He further said that GoI is spreading disinformation that things are improving in J&K when the fact is that the same is deteriorating. Expressing anguish, Ankur Sharma said that it is criminal on part of GoI when its instrumentalities dismiss gruesome genocidal crimes against Hindus as attempts to defame Muslims or as attempts to derail the developmental processes. GoI is wearing blinkers for which the entire Nation is paying a heavy price, he said.

Ankur Sharma stressed that the only solution to the issue at hand is separation of Jammu from Kashmir as an independent State coupled with division of Kashmir into two Union Territories, one exclusively for the persecuted victims of Genocide i.e. Hindus of Kashmir. Hindus of J&K are face to face with the gruesome actions of Pakistan and the suicidal actions of the State of India.

Ankur Sharma said that the recent killing of Sh. Rahul Bhat in Kashmir is a Genocidal killing and not an isolated killing by terrorists. He further added that the current Policy of Return & Rehabilitation of Hindus in Kashmir is an expression of Denial of Hindu Genocide and a Fraud against the Nation. 

Unabated targeted killings carry a grim message for the Hindus that Govt of India continues to hostage them to hide the real nature of Jihadi war unleashed against them in J&K. Hindus are caught between Genocidal Assault of Jihad and Denial of Genocide by the State of India. The sequence of Genocidal Killings in Kashmir and terrorist communal attacks in Jammu clearly show that Jihad is far from having been abated and is in fact intensifying. Ankur Sharma demanded that Hindus of Kashmir working under employment packages should be evacuated and moved to safer places till a UT within Kashmir is created for victims of genocide by dividing Kashmir into two. We don’t want them to be hostages any longer. Their survival is more important to us than anything else.

The cover up by the Govt in relation to the alleged recent Katra Bus attack, its casual approach towards unabated and continuous Temple Attacks in various parts of Jammu; Sunjawan terror attack; recovery of IeDs in Sidhra and other parts of Jammu; flourishing Jihadist infrastructure; preachers indoctrinating & radicalising individuals in religious institutions; unabated Demographic Assault/Land Jihad establishes that the Govt power structures in J&K are seized, intimidated, and affected with conspiracies against the nation. He lamented that the situation in Jammu is no different from what it was in Kashmir of 1989 and Doda/Kishtwar/Ramban/Poonch of late 90s and early 2000. For the Katra Bus attack Ankur Sharma He further asked Govt and management of Shrine Board Mata Vaishno Devi Ji to enhance ex-gratia to at least 50 lakhs to the persons who lost their lives  and 10 lakhs to the injured. Ahle Hadis, Jamaatis, Deobandis, Tablighis, Wahabis are having a free run thanks to GoI’s Policy of Anaesthesia towards Jihad.

Given all this, the Criminal Ruthlessness of GoI is that at this time they are pushing more tourists into Kashmir. We want to ask the Govt a question: Does it understand the truth of violence in Kashmir? P.M Shri Narendra Modi had  recently said that the ecosystem created by Congress hid the truth about what happened to the Hindus of Kashmir. Does this Govt also hide the truth about what is happening to the Hindus of entire J&K? Doesn’t the same ecosystem call the shots? GoI’s policy in J&K continues to be a Policy of premium to Separatism and terrorism. GoI pumps money only in those areas where terrorism is manufactured and ignores all those areas and people where peace is flourishing.

Among others present on the occasion were Gen Secy Ashwani Sharma, Ajay Singh Saini, Vir Vikram, Tilak Raina, Mukesh Gupta, Manik Jamwal and others.

*Press Release Shared By IkkJutt Jammu on 16.05.2022.

Image sourced from the internet.