Hinduphobic DMart Refuses Service to Customers with Tilak in Karjat, Maharashtra

A shocking video posted by Opindia on Twitter showed a hypermarket chain outlet DMart in Karjat, Maharashtra refused to service customers wearing Tilaks on their foreheads on Ramanavami while having no problem with customers wearing skullcaps.

A group of agitated Hindus are seen questioning the store manager of DMart outlet in Karjat about the discrimination against Hindu religious symbols while having no problem with religious symbols of other faiths.

DMart retail hypermarket and supermarket chain having over 300 outlets across India should understand it is not good business sense to singularly discriminate against Hindus and Hindu religious symbols under the garb of religious neutrality.

Hindus need to protest against growing Hinduphobia in corporate and commercial business houses under the ruse of “secularism”. Secularism has now become a by word for intolerance to Hindu religious symbols, Hindu customs and traditions. Systematic normalisation of growing intolerance to Hindu culture needs to be called out wherever it occurs as it is a gross violation of fundamental right to freedom of religion.

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