Balarampur, UP: Hindu Family Threatened to Convert to Islam or Leave

A shocking case has emerged in Muslim dominated area in Balarampur, Uttar Pradesh, where a Hindu family is being given death threats and asked to convert to Islam or leave the area.

According to media reports, Deepa Nishad has complained to the police that her family is being pressurised to convert to Islam due to an overwhelming presence of Muslims in her locality.

She was reportedly threatened to sell her house and leave if she does not convert to Islam. She also reportedly received death threats saying if she fails to convert nor leave the locality, she and her family would be killed.

Not only mental and physical harassment it also extends to defiling the Temple built at her home. Deepa in her complaint reportedly alleged that the neighbouring Muslim women spit on the Temple built at her home and say, now it has become impure and she needs to convert to Islam.

Deepa reportedly said, “neighbouring Muslim women spit on the temple built in my house and said that now your temple has become impure. Now you have become a Muslim.”

The local police have reportedly registered a case against seven people, including three women. The victim woman has also released videos of women abusing and threatening her family. 

Deepa’s brother Tulsi Ram Nishad too has reportedly alleged that he was being pressurised by the Muslim neighbours to withdraw the case. He also complained that he was physically attacked two days ago when he was returning home. 

According to media, the accused denies allegations of harrasment and compulsion to convert Deepa and her family. When enquired about their violent behaviour in the video, the accused reportedly says they said  things in anger and do not mean it. However, when questioned about the abominable manner of spitting in the Temple, they refused to answer.

The Uttar Pradesh police reportedly filed a case under the provisions of the stringent anti-conversion laws, ‘Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion Act, 2021 and various other sections of IPC   for disturbing peace and criminal intmidation.

The pattern of settling in a locality and systematically altering the religious demography of the area coupled with sexual harassment of resident Hindu women and young girls and finally giving brazen threats to convert or leave or be ready to die is now becoming too predictable. Not only were Hindus cleared out of the Kashmir Valley through genocide and forced exodus, a similar situation exists in various parts of the country, including Uttar Prdeash like Kairana, which saw a complete demographic change in just three decades.

It is hoped that the Uttar Pradesh government takes strict action against the jihadi forces and neighbours intimidating the Hindu family. The government also needs to make sure to create a peaceful environment where Hindus are not persecuted for their faith and the Temples are not desecrated or defiled by non-Hindus who nurse deep hatred for Hinduism and Hindu Gods.

Hindu organisations need to step in and facilitate protection for Hindus living in Muslim or Christian dominated areas in adverse conditions. Hindu organisations also need to create a mechanism where Hindus can settle in Muslim dominated areas to make the demographics of the area more balanced for harmonious existence and not deteriorate into mini-Pakistans. 

News input and image source: India Today

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