Anti-Hindu Woke Madness in Gujarati Film #NaadiDosh

Gujarati films have made a lot of progress over the years.  Films show more reality than they used to but lately, there has been a trend to go woke in films.  Naadi Dosh is one such movie where the writer, director, and actors are all trying their best to seem modern by pooh-poohing on Dharma. [Spoiler alert ahead.]

The film’s basis is that the ladki who is stalking the ladka (we will come to this later) is supposed to have a Naadi dosh where she would have issues conceiving a child.  The entire film of two and a half hours or so tries its best to make fun of Jyotish Vidya.  Let’s start with the characters.  The ladka is given a Christian name – Kevin.  We have no idea why this might be.  One can only assume that the writer/director duo is trying to be smart and seem modern and progressive by naming the lead male character Kevin.  Secondly, the ladki – is super annoying especially at the beginning as she outright stalks Kevin, often physically, since they work at the same place.  She is shown as a desperate female trying hard to get into Kevin’s pants.  

Second, both the ladka-ladki are shown from affluent families and this sets up the juxtaposition of old rituals vs. modernity.  The ladki’s father is opposed to the marriage since their joint kundalis show the lack of bal-baccha type happiness.  The entire movie then conspires to prove the father and thereby the Jyotish science WRONG.  A major role is played by the ladki’s brother who despite being a brilliant actor, falls in the woke/anti-Jyotish/anti-father pit dug for him for the clueless writer/director.  [Spoiler.]  The brother schemes and scams with Kevin to prove that the ladki did conceive and that too, out of wedlock. 

Every dharmic belief has been violated in this film.  The sex scenes are stretched too, too far and one gets exhausted watching the oh-so-modern couple do the horizontal tango during their honeymoon.  Even people from the audience were screaming “abe bas kar yaar, hum bhi thak gaye.”  The worst part is that the film has no directive about sexual content listed up front and people came in tow with little kids – who sure got unwanted sexual lessons from the woke film. 

The shorts, the spaghetti straps, discussion about not wearing condoms, and every other “modern” thing has been shown in this film.  At one point, the audience is almost hoping for a real disaster to strike so that they can be spared such a fake portrayal of life in Gujarat life.  

Long story short, the audience walks out at the end when the ladki gives birth.  Why?  Because all of the above is an unbelievable fantasy that tries to prove dharma, shastras, elders, and rituals as unnecessary and fake while glamorizing sexual activity as liberation and modernity of thought.  The only thing real about this movie is the overt woke and anti-dharmic message.  

#WokeNadiDosh.  I want my time and money back.