Ratna Aunty, Who Wants Karva Chauth For A Jihadi Husband?

A lot of debate has revolved around convert Ratna Pathak Shah’s statements about Karva Chauth being a regressive practice; rather, she is calling those who practice the vrat regressive in nature.  She is surprised that educated people are practicing this ritual.  Let’s examine what might be the reasons for her absurd-sounding hatred for Hindu rituals.

Ratna aunty is married to a Muslim.  There is little doubt that she has converted – that is simply how it goes when anyone marries a Muslim.  So technically, Ratna aunty is a HINO, or Hindu in Name Only.  She, therefore, is an outsider, criticizing another religion’s rituals related to husband-wife bonds and lifespan longevity.  What type of pompous attitude drives her to criticize customs that no one is forcing upon her?  It’s not like there is an absolute commandment in Sanatan dharma which forces Hindu women to practice the Karva Chauth vrat.  There is always a choice and HINO aunty is busy criticizing a CHOICE, not a diktat.  

HINOS often do go wild.  Ratna is not the first HINO who has depicted anti-Hindu behavior from the gutter industry.  Other Bollywood dimwit actresses also often join hands with jihadis and communists to bad-mouth Hinduism.  For example, #SexJihad victim Kareena Kapoor Khan often holds placards that are anti-Sanatana in nature.  Soon after her nikah to much married husband, Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor too dissed Karva Chauth as regressive. While they abuse Hindu rituals Karva Chauth, Kardia Nombu, Kanyadaan, Raksha Bandhan which were designed to help cementing family ties and understand the value of relationships, they happily justify the barbaric Medieval age practices in Islam which are gross violations of human rights.

Karva Chauth began to be observed as a ritual in North India by Hindu wives to pray for their husband’s longevity as men used to often go to war to fight the barbaric Islamic invaders. Similarly in South there is Kardia Nombu, based on the same principle. Kardia Nombu ritual commemorates the Puranic story of Savitri bringing back to life her newly wed husband from death by her sheer dedication, determination and intelligence tricking Yama Devta. These festivals serve two purposes, firstly they are stress busters as it calms ones nerves when you pray and observe fasts. It gives one a psychological assurance that your husband battling the enemy would be safe. Secondly, it helps in building stronger bonds between a husband and wife, rekindling their marriage vows and goals lost in the humdrum of long married life.

These oldies have no issues badmouthing Hinduism, but will never speak a word against the cult they have converted into – Islam.  There is a mountain full of atrocities against women practiced in the backward 7th-century desert cult but not a single progressive Muslim (do they even exist?) or HINO converts will speak out against misogyny, bacchabazi, child marriages, thereby child rapes and sexual assaults.  These so-called feminist HINO aunties also love oppressive tent-like post box attires like Burkha and Hijab. Not to mention institutionalized prostitution and one-night stand in the name of halala and mutah.  The lips of these so-called feminists are sealed when it comes to speaking of actual atrocities and therefore Hindu practices are easier to target.  You see, there is no fear of Sar-Tan-Se-Juda when these oldies spew verbal diarrhea at Hindu practices.  Ratna aunty and her HINO friends should take some tuitions about Hindu Kutumba values before they speak from their big behinds and would fare better to keep their idiotic, backward, illiterate opinions to themselves.  

By the way, Jihadi Naseer chicha wanted Nupur Sharma dead by suggesting she would have been hanged by judicial process or beheaded on the roads of Pakistan and Bangladesh for her comments on Mohammad. Chicha Naseer does actually want India to become a Pakistan or Bangladesh, which are colonies of Saudi Arabia.

So, one wonders if wily Ratna aunty’s statements were calculated or whether they simply came out without a filter.  This question stems from the thought about her relationship with her anti-Hindu husband.  Is she so disenchanted with her husband and their cultish practices that she naturally doesn’t want to keep a vrat for his long life?  Is Naseer chicha so, so bad that aunty Ratna would rather have him dead instead of even attempting to think that keeping a vrat might be helpful or a loving gesture toward her gawar husband? 

So, dear aunty, it’s okay if you are not keeping a vrat for Karva Chauth.  Who can really blame you for not wanting Naseeruddin to live long?  You could be after all secretly praying to see his back soon to start wearing lipstick under your Burkha.