Christmas Tyranny – A Cultural, Religious and Economic Imposition on Pagans.

It is that time of the year.  While deranged wokes try to diminish Christmas and secularize it by referring to the Christmas days as “the holiday season,” Christmas truly has been a forceful imposition on unsuspecting Pagans, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, and even Jews.
This is the time when the Surya Devata or the Sun God is celebrated as is the winter solstice festival.  Most likely this is the day when the deity Mithras’ birthday was celebrated in ancient Rome before Christianity was thrust upon them as an official religion.  This is also the time when the ancient festival of Saturnalia is celebrated until what we presently know as Christmas Eve.  The more popular Hanukkah – the Jewish festival is also celebrated around this time of year.
Given some aspect of Pagan buy-in, the celebrations were assigned and are now associated with a fictitious (?) Jesus.  This means that the entire Christian faith has begged, borrowed, and stolen from Pagans to support and sustain their inauthentic ‘religion.’  The poor (less crafty and therefore uninformed) Pagans believed in their deities possessing supernatural powers and therefore Jesus’ immaculate conception-related birth and resurrection were inserted into this fictitious religion.  The early evangelists selling Christian snake oil would have anticipated some resistance from the Pagans and thereby incorporated the above themes as well as other, invented ‘writings’ to sell the slick oil package nicely.
Politically unaware people have been accepting the vile and nefarious agendas of the well-organized church machines and missionaries are working with great zeal around the world, especially in rural parts where the poor are being converted to Christianity in the guise of eradicating caste or poverty or ill health.  For example, the churches in Punjab have been on overdrive regarding conversions dangling fake employment in Canada/overseas carrots to Sikh locals.  Fake magic and drunken jadoo-tona is used to attract women and children to trap them to embrace Christianity.
Indians and Christmas
Most Hindus don’t seem to see Christmas as simply being associated with the vile and/or fictitious religion of so-called peace but more of a global, cultural phenomenon.  Forget the Hindus in Name Only, but even the devout Hindus who practice basic tenets of Sanatan Dharma are getting suckered into the mythical Santa Clause and putting up Christmas trees and gifts within their homes.  Celebrating Christmas by eating imported food recipes such as cakes and pasties and drinking foreign-manufactured daru during this time is what Hindus are succumbing to at exponential rates.  Placing brown Hindu kids on often perverse jolly Santa laps is the new norm.  Dressing up in “western” attire and donning Santa hats for selfies is what pops up on FaceBook and Instagram feeds.  “Merry Xmas” WhatsApp messages are being vomited by this no-longer-rooted bunch and Christmas is being imposed on social media from various angles.
Deracinated Hindus are so far lost that they have taken up the secular argument about how Jesus is just part of the Hindu pantheon and so what if he’s celebrated?  Others readily argue that there is more wrong with the Muslims and their treatment of Hindus and that Christians are a nicer lot in comparison, therefore Christmas should not only be supported but also celebrated.  Attending church and midnight mass is considered modern and cool, but the same crowd has stopped frequenting local temples and visiting other, Hindu places of importance.
Christmas here allows a Hindu to give up self-accountability and submit to the Christian, masculine worldview where Jesus is the only way.  There is little control over the self and drunken debauchery is encouraged in the name of celebration and partying.  The worst-case scenario is that the Christ-embracing Hindus are unknowingly ignoring the fact that this cult lacks any worship or affinity for the feminine.  The Christian worldview is without doubt Abrahamic, masculine, and therefore not inclusive by any means.
Violence toward Animals and Trees
This is the time of year when millions of animals are culled and slaughtered; everything from turkeys to goats to cows, chickens, and sea animals are killed for food, and tons of unutilized animal meat ends up being thrown out.  There are a few charities and soup kitchens that try to avert the massive amounts of food waste generated during Christmas but such efforts are a drop in the bucket compared to the overall violence and waste generated during this “joyous” holiday.  Christmas trees are cultivated as a business and unfortunately, the trees are cut to be displayed and decorated within homes.  After Christmas, every single tree ends up being thrown out in the garbage.  This makes Christmas the biggest environmental disaster-inflicting ‘holiday’ in the world. There are plastic Christmas conifers too flooding the markets adding to the plastic waste. Local trees are cut for decoration as Christmas trees as conifers are not easily available. Conifers when cut regrow quickly, but other local trees simply wither away and die when cut for Christmas celebrations. Unfortunately, deracinated Hindus indulge in this Adharmic practice of cutting trees for Christmas in violation of the Sanatana Dharma principle of protecting and revering trees.
Economic Imposition
Christmas continues to be the biggest waste-generating holiday.  Cheap, Made in China gifts and products are exchanged in the name of Christmas gifts and a ton of food is wasted from Thanksgiving onward into and past the new year.  People again give themselves the freedom to become bhogis – eat whenever and way more than they should and slowly become detached from their real nature.  This supposed time of merriment comes at an excessive cost – the United States is guilty of throwing away perfectly consumable food starting from the end of November and also generating millions of tons of waste or garbage during Christmas.  People unconsciously use plastic and wrappings and ribbons and other waste which eventually ends up in the trash heaps.
The idea of gift-giving has become such a big business that even Indian companies are trying to get their share of the Christmas economic pie.  Unconscious shopping and filling one’s house with unnecessary goods and trinkets continue to be on the rise, also raising peoples’ expectations of bigger, better, flashier gifts year after year.
The most gruesome tyranny has been the torture and genocide inflicted by Christians on native populations around the world.  For instance, Europeans killed over 56 million Native Americans in the United States for land, resources, and general dominance.  In addition, the early colonizers also brought their new world diseases with them which took a heavy toll on the indigenous folks. These disastrous phenomena of Christian atrocities on the locals have been documented in Africa and Asia as well.  Millions have been butchered in the name of spreading Christianity.  The church is complicit in eradicating local cultures in Canada, the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand, wiping out aboriginal culture, beliefs, and practices.

In conclusion, Christmas, a fake religion has and continues to do much damage to humans around the world.  Instead of celebrating the supposed virtues of the fictitious Jesus such as calmness, virtue, and compassion, Christmas is hell-bent (no pun intended) on doing everything opposite.  Instead of rising to be a better person, Christmas gives one an open hand to regress and do this without accountability or guilt.  In short, Christmas is a genocidal-based imposition and one can hope that soon people will see through this sham and stop celebrating all the bad things it brings to humankind.