Chhatrapati Shivaj International Airport

Mumbai Airport Authority: The Hindu Adani Group welcomes GHajis like Bakris welcome Butchers during Eid

India continues to move fast-paced forward towards total dhimmitude.  Dhimmitude is known as the status of non-Muslims under Muslim rule and in this case, the dhimmis are Hindus who are too busy singing Ishwar Allah Tero Naam (IATN) bhajans, not realizing the imminent dangers of the barbaric desert cult.  Dhimmitude is also a mental state which the Hindus have adopted – they are happy being second-class citizens not realizing their potential as a majority in Bharat. 
The first dhimmitude scenario at the beautifully constructed Mumbai airport is when one goes to the parking area in a particular terminal.  There is a giant blue sign with white letters that states “The Mumbai Airport Authority welcomes Hajis.”  What is the obsession with kowtowing to those who have gone to Mecca to pray for themselves and thus by default against Hindus?  There are plenty of videos that circulate on social media from Mecca which show hoards of pilgrims openly praying for the destruction of the kafir.  Are Hindus such as stupid community that they don’t recognize the threat of anti-kafir (read anti-Hindu, anti-Pagan) dessert religion followers?  Is the Adani Group ( @AdaniOnline ) – the owner and maintainer of the Mumbai Airport so daft that they are putting in extra resources to construct boards and signs to welcome jihadi hajis (GHajis)?  
Another instance of Shaira compliance is seen in bathrooms.  While there is barely space to fit in multiple toilets, there are separate ‘wazu’ rooms for Muslim travelers inside the airport.  There is no proper space for nursing mothers inside restrooms but there is special space to construct wazu rooms.  Similarly, there are prayer rooms with images showing what looks like namaz.  There should be temples inside airports in Bharat, but instead, Hindus and HINOS (Hindus in Name Only) are so busy being modern and even clueless that they have secularized the concept of the divine and have constructed namaz rooms.  What about yoga rooms, or meditation rooms?  Nope, they don’t exist in India – the land from which yoga originates – has no designated space for meditative reflection but instead, airports again bow down to namazis who make anti-Hindu duas all day long.  
The bookstores ( @RelayIndia ) inside the airport are worse than the ones up north.  The English book sections contain anti-India, and anti-Hindu literature – the likes of Shashi Tharoor and Nehru’s Idea of India are carried on the shelves while none of the Bhartiya authors are given space on the shelves.  The Vedas, Upanishads, translated works, and the Bhagavad Gita are not in sight.  When locals or more likely foreigners visit these stores to buy momentoes about India, they have no choice but to buy these idiotic books which are anti-national by default.  When one enquires about books from dharmic authors, the bookseller is mum and has no clue about who Sita Ram Goel is.  Ironically the bookstore carries many works about financial success and creating prosperity and even Japanese books about Zen meditation but absolutely no translations from the Shastras.  Such is the pathetic state of the airport and thereby the macrocosmic state of those who currently live in India.  
When one goes to get a trolley, the advertisements on the trolley show so-called minority celebrities.  The trolley depicts jihadi Saif Ali Khan and idiotic Christian counterpart Jacquelin Fernandes.  Throughout the duration at the airport, one has to stare at the ugly faces of supposed minorities and what they represent.  What they represent is a type of religious dominance over kafirs where Hindus have to stare at these smirking images that mock Bharat’s dharmic existence.  If one goes to buy a drink there is an image of yesteryear actor Shah Rukh Khan on ThumsUp cans.  Just as one leaves the airport, there is a tall sign of alleged criminal Salman Khan sporting a watch or some other garbage hoping to sell to Hindus.  Nowhere in the airport are signs of anything dharmic.  Instead, it seems that the #AdaniGroup has made sure that secularism, and not just simple secularism but Abrahamic symbols reign at the Mumbai Airport.  
The contemporary existence of India is an embarrassment.  No one seems to care about these things.  If pointed out, fellow Hindu travelers respond “Jane do, chal ThumsUp nahi pini to chai pete hei.” Elites like Adani should lead the way.  Instead, they are busy trading national and dharma for money and a false sense of secular modernism.  Hindus are nothing other than Bakris trying to befriend butchers before Eid.  Unless the IATN syndrome is not squashed and erased, there is no hope for Hindus.