Wikipedia Deletes Page on Gopal Mukherjee The Lionheart who Saved Calcutta

Recently, Wikipedia deleted the Wikipage on Gopal Chandra Mukherjee, popularly known as Gopal Patha, the man who led Hindu resistance and saved Calcutta from becoming East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. The mischief of deleting the wikipedia page on Gopal Patha has been done under the influence of Pakistani editors of Wikipedia. 

The Wikipedia states reasons for the deletion of Wiki page on Gopal Patha as the content has “no significant coverage and unreliable sources” of information.

The Direct Action Day called by Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Bengal Chief Minister Suhrawardy effected the bloddiest genocide of Hindus in Calcutta infamously known as The Great Calcutta Killing on 16th August, 1946. The Direct Action Day was a call given by Jinnah to all Muslims to murderous riot, rape, loot and mayhem on the ground for an exclusive Muslim nation and partition of Bengal. Suhrawardy and Calcutta’s Muslim Mayor used the administrative system and conspired a genocide of Hindus in Calcutta for inclusion of Hindu majority Calcutta and West Bengal in the proposed East Pakistan, which is today Bangladesh post 1971 war.

Janpeace Live in this video brought out the story of brazen deletion of Gopal Patha’s page on Wikipedia and the story of Hindu Lionheart Gopal Patha who is the symbol of Hindu resistance in Bengal which doesn’t find a mention in school history textbooks. In fact, the leftist and Islamist cabal of historians and media defamed Gopal Patha as a thug to whitewash the genocide of Hindus in the Great Calcutta Killings of 1946 by the Muslim League Islamist jihadis in a pre-planned manner.

Do watch the Janpeace video to know about the complete story and role of Gopal Patha in saving Calcutta. Hindus in Calcutta today owe their very existence to Gopal Patha.

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