Hinduphobia in UK Schools

A research report by UK based think tank Henry Jackson Institute on Hinduphobia in UK schools revealed shocking details.

51% of the parents of Hindu students in UK schools surveyed shared that their children had been bullied in one way or another for their religious identity. The report mentioned that Hindu students have had beef thrown at them to humiliate knowing fully well that Hindus do not eat beef as they worship cow and hold it holy.

The study found inappropriate religious education in schools, which amplified misconceptions surrounding the Indian ‘caste system’ and Hindu deities, added to the mockery of Hindu pupils in the UK’s classrooms.

The Henry Jackson Society also found that Hindu students in the country are being subjected to bullying and racial discrimination in classrooms.

The study was carried out by a research fellow named Charlotte Littlewood, who interviewed 988 Hindu parents and surveyed more than 1000 schools in the United Kingdom.

The report had appalling details of how Muslim students in UK schools bully Hindu students to convert to Islam or else they would find life very difficult as Kafirs. A Christian student told a Hindu student that “Jesus will send your God to hell”. Hindu students are also told by their Christian counterparts that they would go to hell as they do not follow Christianity. Vegetarian children are regularly mocked, called herbivores, told they are at the bottom of the food chain and they will be eaten up by their Christian and Muslim classmates.

The UK study claims Hindu students face racial discrimination in the country. The author of the report Charlotte Littlewood also reportedly stated that “Young Hindus (in the UK) are not typically sharing their experiences with their parents”.

The study found that despite the widespread discrimination against Hindu students in schools, only 1% of schools with Hindu students have reported the anti-Hindu hate. So, not only is there rampant discrimination against Hindu students and subjected to religious hatred, but the incidents are also suppressed and not reported for corrective measures to be undertaken by authorities.

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