Army Havildar’s Wife Brutally Assaulted and Disrobed in Tiruvannamalai, Plea for TN DGP’s Urgent Intervention Goes Viral

A shocking incident unfolded in Tiruvannamalai district as the wife and brother of an Army Havildar were brutally attacked by local goons who illegally evicted their rented shop. In a video plea addressed to the Tamil Nadu Director General of Police (DGP), the Havildar appealed for immediate action against the perpetrators responsible for ransacking the shop and assaulting his family members. In a show of solidarity, Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai assured the Havildar of the party’s support in seeking justice.

The Army Havildar, Prabarakan, hails from Padavedu village near Arani in the Tiruvannamalai district. His wife, Keerthi, was running a fancy store after renting a shop owned by Ramu from Gunnathur village, situated opposite Padavedu Sri Renukampal Temple. However, the business arrangement took a distressing turn when Ramu forcibly evicted Keerthi, disregarding their prior agreement.

It is alleged that Keerthi requested Ramu to return the substantial sum of ₹16 lakhs that had been paid for the shop. However, Ramu, accompanied by his supporters, arrived at the shop yesterday, ransacked the fancy store and threw all her items outside the shop.

The situation escalated further when Keerthi’s brother attempted to defend his sister’s rights and confront the goons who were unlawfully vacating the shop. However, the goons targeted both Keerthi and her brother, causing them physical harm and significant distress.

In response to the appalling incident, the Army Havildar released a video appeal, urging the Tamil Nadu DGP to take swift action against those responsible for the assault on his family and the wanton destruction of the shop.

A case has been registered at the Chandavasal Police Station, with both parties filing mutual complaints. The police have initiated an investigation into the matter, striving to identify and apprehend the culprits involved in the unlawful eviction and subsequent attack. Furthermore, reports indicate that the shop in question is not actually owned by Ramu but by the HR&CE department.

In a video addressed to Tamil Nadu DGP Sylendra Babu, Havildar Prabhakaran said, “I’m Havildar Prabhakaran, and I work in Kashmir. I am from the Thiruvannamalai district’s Polur Thaluka. I’m making this video to inform you that on 10.6.2023 more than 120 people ransacked my wife’s shop in Padavedu village, Tiruvannamalai district. The land is owned by the HR&CE department. However, they vacated the shop by unleashing violence on my wife. She is now in the hospital. She is no longer safe because I am working here. I filed a complaint with Tiruvannamalai district SP Karthikeyan, and my senior officers also spoke with him. He assured us of the support. Though we made complaints to the local police, there was no response. I request you (DGP) to save my wife. My wife was brutally attacked, and she was subjected to the degrading act of being partially unclothed. I humbly beseech you to intervene urgently and take all necessary measures to safeguard the well-being and security of my wife and our entire family.”

A tweet with the viral video is as follows:

The plea for justice and safety has garnered attention and support from various quarters, including Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai, who reached out to the Havildar and assured him of the party’s backing in seeking justice. Annamalai said, “Had a telephonic conversation with the Havildar, who is bravely serving our country in Kashmir, and his wife, based out of Tiruvannamalai. Truly gutted to hear her story & I felt ashamed that this had happened to her on our Tamil soil! Our party people are rushing to attend to her now, who is admitted to a hospital in Vellore. BJP Tamil Nadu will stand with her & our Havildar’s family in getting justice for her.”

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