#BengalFiles Film Preview: Who will Play Whom on the Big Screen?

The current Hindu genocide being carried out in West Bengal by TMC terrorists masquerading as a political party under Mamata’s leadership is a terrible shame for the Hindu samaj.  It’s like nothing was learned from past genocides and no one seems to care, including Hindus.
The #KashmirFiles has created an awakening, albeit snooze-heavy and too slow among Hindus in India and the diaspora.  Since the filmy visuals, though they barely scratch the surface of the massacres seems to have gently influenced the Hindu psyche, it is only rational to make all the genocides into films or documentaries so that Hindus can get visual, cinematic proof of their civilization’s demise.  Nothing else seems to have worked thus far to awaken the Kumbhakaran-like sleep-loving Hindu.
If #BengalFiles is turned into a film, who will play the role of the leaders who looked the other way while Bengal kept/keeps burning?  Perhaps a woke Bengali will take up the cinematic project where Maulana Modi and sidekick Amit Sharif … I mean Shah will be portrayed as villains who only allowed about three hundred or so murders thus far under their tutelage. 
In a progressive and secular (read: pro-jihadi and sharia-compliant) film such as this one, who better than the bad driver and poacher Sallu and his Islamist counterpart and lackey to the Turkish wannabe caliph Aamir?  They already look the age and the part, are deeply involved in ISTN (Ishwar-Allah-Tero-Naam) Al Taquiya and have tried their best to Islamize Bharat via Bollywood.  Why not put their silence about Hindu massacres, hatred for the kafirs, and already gained pounds to good use in the film?  Each of them can grow the bakra beard and Sallu would probably glad to play himself without VFX effects being utilized in hiding his fifty-six-inch abdominal muscles.
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Finally, jihadi didi can be played by B-grade lunatics like Swara Bhasker, or perhaps Sonam Kapoor can gain the pounds and play didi.  Even better would be to invite Ayushman Khurana to play the role in drag. 
Anurag Kashyap, we hope you are reading this… we have much hope for the portrayal of the #BengalFiles.